Christ Church Announcements
Sunday July 16, 2017

Your prayers are requested for: The Barrow Family, Millie Staley’s Family, Bob Snyder, Ed Fisher, Kevin Cetola, Carol Corsaro, Paula Kreib, Erin Johnson, Peter Zaleski, Mitch Mooney, Elvira Gonzalez, Florence Stengel, Pastor Daven Oskvig & Family, Joyce Moser, Mary Landel, Ruth Malone, Jean Ericson, Bob Kreib, Carolyn Day, Janet Hill, Charles Terranova, Fred & Lynda Painton, Ruth Luss, Shirley Downey. Also in our prayers are Lindsey Darling, Alex Dunbar, Ian Johnson & Christopher Maliken, serving in the US Navy.

In Sympathy
We extend our sympathy and prayers to Millie & Paul Staley and their family on the death of Millie’s brother, Garnet Rollo, on July 5.
We also extend our sympathy and prayers to Duane and Darryl Barrow Jr. on the recent death of their mother, Rolande, in Dominica.

The flowers on the Lord’s Table are given by:
-The Dr. Robert Nachbar Family in loving memory of the late Judith Ann Nachbar.
-Peggy Nye in honor of Tom Nye’s birthday and his new stage in life.

Small Group Gatherings
We welcome Rev. Daven Oskvig, his wife, Lianne, and their daughter, Amelia to our Christ Church family! Beginning next Sunday, July 16th, the Oskvig family will be getting to know our Christ Church family through small group gatherings:
• Sundays, July 16, August 13 & 27 @ 12:00 noon
• Sundays, July 23, August 6 & 20 @ 10:00 a.m.

Members of the Staff Parish Relations Team will be available today to assist you in finding a date and time that are best for you. More dates will be added as needed and these gatherings will continue through the summer and early fall.

Connection Cards
Please fill out a Connection Card completely once and place it in the offering plate. Unused cards should also be placed in the offering plate. If your contact information changes or you have a comment or prayer request, please fill out a new card. Thank you for making Christ Church a more welcoming place!

From Your Hospitality Team
If you do not have a name tag, members of the Hospitality Team will be in the Family Space (Parlor) today to assist you. Please leave your name tag in the baskets at the front entrance or in the Café before you leave.

The Uganda Team is collecting various supplies to bring along on their mission trip this August. Please bring all items to the church office by the end of July.
-Benadryl & Hydrocortisone Creams
-Disinfectant Wipes
-Bandages, gauze, tape
Kid’s T-shirts (new, plain colors)
-Reader Glasses (Dollar store or equivalent)
-Money to Purchase These Items

Bible Reading Plan
July 16: Psalms 19-21; Acts 19:21-41
July 17: Psalms 22-24; Acts 20:1-16
July 18: Psalms 25-27; Acts 20:17-38
July 19: Psalms 28-30; Acts 21:1-14
July 20: Psalms 31-33; Acts 21:15-40
July 21: Psalms 34-35; Acts 22
July 22: Psalms 36-37; Acts 23:1-11