Nexus Seminary Publications

The year 2012 marked the first in-house-developed publications for the Nexus Seminary Uganda.

The Rev. Dr. B.J. Norrix has written the “Biblical and Theological Sampler” for the Nexus students (current and graduated). The “Biblical and Theological Sampler” surveys the Bible and presents a compact dictionary of commonly used theological terms. The book also presents several “special articles” on diverse biblical topics such as “Women in Ministry” and “Stewardship.” This book is being translated into Lugandan and will be published in parallel to be used as a teaching tool and to make its usefulness as wide as possible.

The Rev. Davis Matovu has written a commentary on the “Book of Revelation,” which is nearing readiness for publication. This commentary will be published with the Biblical and Theological Sampler and is a thorough, scholarly examination of the “Book of Revelation” utilizing appropriate hermeneutical principles.

The 2012 publication costs for the first 1,000 copies of these books was approximately $5,000.

All initial publishing costs have been met. Future publishing will be announced at a later date.

If you would like to support these publications, please contact Dr. B.J. Norrix at 716-839-2460.